The Clothesline Project UVU

How Can I Participate?

There are many ways you can participate in the Clothesline project!

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Visit the Exhibit

Our 2023 exhibit will be held in the UVU Grand Ballroom on October 25 & 26.

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Make a Shirt

Make a shirt at the event where privacy will be offered in the back of the Grande Ballroom.

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View Online Gallery

View our online gallery of over 100 shirts. You can submit a reflection that we may feature on this site or social media channels.

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Volunteers are needed. Contact us to sign up.

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Share Awareness

Post information about the Clothesline Project on your social media and invite anyone around the world to view our online gallery. Share what this exhibit means to you and how others can get involved. Look below for action ideas!

Other ways you can act to address the problem
of assault and abuse in our community

The Pathways of Social Impact can be applied to any social issue.

The following ideas illustrate how they can be employed to address the specific issue of domestic violence and abuse. Any action should be done in collaboration with a community partner, so true needs are being met.

Direct Service icon

Direct Service

  • Make rehousing kits for displaced women and children
  • Participate in holiday assistance programs that help families disrupted by abuse
Community and engaged learning icon

Community Engaged Learning & Research

  • Research factors of domestic violence and abuse and understand the scope of the issue in your community
  • Measure the impact of new stalking laws
Social Entreprenuership & corporate social responsibility icon

Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Align your workplace community giving goals to addressing the issue of domestic violence
  • Host a clothesline project at your workplace
Policy & Governance icon

Policy & Governance

  • Learn about laws pertaining to domestic abuse and advocate for changes, if needed
  • Communicate with your local, state, and federal representatives about abuse in your community
community organizing and activism icon

Community Organizing & Activism

  • Organize a social media campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse
  • Participate in a community conversation about how to address the issue
philanthropy icon


  • Hold a fundraiser that benefits a local organization that addresses domestic violence and abuse
  • Donate to organizations that reflect best practices in their field of work and demonstrate fiscal responsibility